14 February 2012

The Worst Photo Shoot Ever

So, today I decided "why not do a little valentine's day photo shoot with my son". . . great idea that didn't really turn out. And this is why . . . I have a 16 month old boy who goes NON-STOP. He had a short nap today so was a little on the cranky side to start. I decided to take the pictures on the red wall in our China room for obvious reasons, but another BAD idea. Never take pictures on a red wall...ever, ever, ever.

Here's how we started.....

All because I took those books out of his hands. So like a good mommy I gave them back and let him look through the books until he was done, then we started again. He still wasn't very happy with me as I wanted him to sit still. So I had the genius idea of feeding him brownie if he would sit! And that, friends, is how I got any pictures at all. :)

He would get up and down a million times and definitely got chocolate all over that white stool, thankfully I got it out.

Now add into this, me. I am definitely frustrated, trying not to FREAK OUT and also trying to get him to laugh which is really hard when I'm not very happy. :) Then add to that trying to shoot with different equipment, then my flash batteries dying and having NONE in the house, so trying new options. AND my clumsy self tripping over cords after giving Aiden a some brownie then running back to try to capture a smile only to have him already off the seat and having to re-do my set up. It was a nightmare, yet really funny as I think back on it.

Here is a personal favorite. HaHa. As we were recently working on learning eyes, ears & nose. Aiden discovered there are holes in his nose and ears that of course his fingers fit perfectly into. Really fun. Haha I actually am glad I got a picture of this because I wanted one. :)

Eventually I got him to laugh a couple times and we were done! Moral of the story: it really is no big deal if you don't get amazing pictures of your kid on Valentine's Day. We recovered from the traumatic experience and had a fun night together, all three of us!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. That's awesome that you got a few great shots!


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