26 April 2011

It's Here - It's Here - It's Here!!

I'm excited to say that I believe SPRING is finally here!

I have been waiting for this time since oh probably October and the fact that my windows are open and I can feel warm air coming in my house is possibly one of the greatest feelings ever!

Gone are the boots, coats and long sleeves.

HELLO capris, flip flops and skirts!!!
You have been missed.

I am especially excited for this Spring and Summer because first of all I have all these shirts that I couldn't wear last summer because I was pregnant and secondly because I have a new little boy who gets to experience the outside for the first time! I think that he is at such a great age for the summer and will come to love it as his mommy and daddy do!

Welcome to my favorite time of the year.....

20 April 2011


Today I took some time and just worshiped God
through music by myself and it was beautiful.

He is truly magnificent beyond my understanding yet
His love so deep & intimate.

15 April 2011

Love & War

"Maybe we ought to just start this book here: Marriage is fabulously hard. Everyone who has been married know this. Though years into marriage it still catches us off guard, all of us. And newly married couples, when they discover how hard it is, they seem genuinely surprised. Shocked, and disheartened, by the fact. Are we doing something wrong? Did I marry the wrong person? The sirens that lure us into marriage-romance, love, passion, sex, longing, companionship-seem so far from the actual reality of married life we fear we have made a colossal mistake, caught the wrong bus, missed our flight. And so the hardness also comes as something of an embarrassment. (Don't you feel embarrassed to admit how hard your marriage is?) Maybe it's just us. Nope. This is everyone. We might as well come out and say it. "

This is an excerpt from the book "Love and War" by John and Stasi Eldredge. This is an awesome book that every married couple should read! In my opinion it is the best marriage book I have read, and even though we have only been married four years I have read my fair share. :)

My advice though, don't read it until you have been married at least three years. I have already read it once and I just started reading it again. It puts everything out there so honestly and just is so good.

09 April 2011

Hard Water Stains NO MORE!

Last summer I noticed my dishes from the dishwasher getting this white residue on it and with every wash it got worse and I would hand wash them and they wouldn't go away. Needless to say I was getting so frustrated. I finally realized it was due to hard water so I started looking online for solutions and I couldn't find any that didn't involve something expensive.

One day I was telling my frustration to my friend, Faye Beam, and she told me about this product- LEMISHINE!! I went out to Wal-Mart the next day to buy it and it has been wonderful! It seriously solved the problem and now my dishes look great!!

Every time I load my dishwasher I think to myself I need to tell people about this product so no one has to deal with the annoyance of nasty dishes. So there you have it- the answer to all your dish washing dilemmas. :)

04 April 2011

Puree Delishiousness

I am proud to announce that Aiden has successfully finished being introduced to all his first baby foods! Except peas, I cannot stand peas myself and I think I would gag if I were feeding the baby food version to him. He didn't really respond well to rice cereal so he has eaten mostly oatmeal and a little bit of barley. And I am convinced that carrots were a little weird to him. Maybe I'll try them again, who knows.

It took Aiden a little while to go from this...

To This:

He recently got to the point where he squeals with some excitement when I pull out the highchair and where he opens his mouth ready for the food. He seems to like each kind of food, which is a great blessing!! He also tries to grab the spoon himself and loves to stick his fingers in his mouth while eating and then proceed to wipe it all over his clothes. Never a dull moment!

Then there is also this face when he has just had enough.

HaHa. Oh he makes me laugh every single day!

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