31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Every year at our church we host a trunk-or-treat where people from the church fill their car trunks with candy and families can come get candy. The youth group helps to serve donuts and cider from our local Cider Mill! It's a lot of fun. So, that is where we were tonight. :)

This year we decided to dress Aiden up as a football player! Now, in case anyone is wondering we are not really NY Jets fans (sorry to those who are) BUT, Aiden was given this outfit by some friends who are big fans! So I thought PERFECT! :)

A couple days ago I took him to a local high school football stadium for some fun photos. He loved running around the big field with practically no limitations. :)

One of my goals for this shoot was so capture how small he is compared to the full sized football & the field and just to the world in general. He is still a little guy who is dependent on us and I love that. :)

Thanks for looking and enjoy....

Watch out for this tough guy...

Can you find little Aiden?

My little man.

These last three just make me laugh! He is the best!

Mommy Monday :: Books

Aiden's love for reading books has reached new heights this past week. I introduced him to the fact that he could go get a book from his room, bring it to me and I would read it. It was so cute the first few times, and now, for like the 1000th time, it is still cute as he plops his little self in my lap, but I'm not so eager to read over and over again.

Regardless, here are a few of his favorites...

Skippyjon Jones                                                                                    Higher, Higher
Up and Down                                                                                     

I think read this book 20 times in one day and that
doesn't count how many times Dan read it to him. :)

The Toy Box (4 Toy Story Books)                                                          First 100 Words

Of course how cannot I not add a photo of my little man doing what he loves!

What are some books that your children love?!!

28 October 2011

Foto Friday :: Laughter

This past week I had to run some errands so while Dan was at a meeting in the evening Aiden & I went. I went to two stores right next to each other and Aiden was very good! He mostly just sat in his stroller totally chill, although I knew he was dying to get out and run around.

As soon as we got home he was a wild man and all the energy that had built up inside him during those errands let loose! He was running up & down the hallway, on & off the beds and chairs laughing like crazy. I was chasing him of course and he loved it, it was so much fun! Then I put on his hat we had bought that night and he didn't mind it at all and just kept going. I was laughing so hard as he looked so cute running back and forth just wanting me to chase him. Needless to say it was a great night!

27 October 2011

Pinterest Project #1

I totally love Pinterest and while browsing I find myself thinking "I wish I could do some of these things..." The truth is I am not overly capable when it comes to do-it-yourself projects & I tend to be impatient which doesn't work in my favor. So, I only pin projects I think I can accomplish and I would like to say that today I did my first one!!!

First I purchased a vase from Michael's (which was only $2.99) and bought Krylon white spray paint.

I wrapped rubber bands around it in a more or less random pattern. Now, I would advise to use yarn or something (like they did, but I didn't listen) instead. Because as you will see the rubber bands twist and curve in a certain way that makes it look less classy.

Then I took my spray paint and painted away. Let it dry a bit and then did a little bit more to even it out.

Then I took off the rubber bands and removed some of the flaky stuff.

Put a tea light candle in it and VOILA!

Now, it is far from perfect, but hey I tried and I am totally going to use it!

24 October 2011

Mommy Monday :: New Play

It's so interesting to see how children's play changes as they grow. I remember thinking how it seemed like it would be forever before Aiden would even be able to hold a toy. Then he not only held it but interacted with it & could do things like turn pages in a book. Now he walks all over the place carrying his toys and climbing on things and will even bring me a book to read to him while he sits on my lap. It's exciting as he becomes more independent and more his own little person.

His newest feat is that he can now climb up & down the beds in our house. :) He is very proud of himself when he does! And I don't mind it, he likes to be up there and now I don't have to lift him up over and over again, he does it himself!

And this morning we made our very first fort! I feel like Aiden will like forts since he loves it when we put things on or covering his head and he loves to stash toys places, which forts are just great for that. It didn't take him too long to figure it all out and I think he liked it, I am leaving it up for after nap and we'll see what he does then.

21 October 2011

Foto Friday :: Fall

While I am mourning the end of summer I am holding on to the things I enjoy about fall. One being the beautiful leaves changing and the refreshing air.

I also love being able to wear fall clothes like scarves, my puffy vest and my new mocassins. :) Another thing I love is to drink hot chocolate with a little milk and my favorite ingredient, creamer, preferably of the hazelnut flavor! Adding creamer changes everything about hot cocoa, which I am drinking right now as I type.

I do feel excited about the winter (although I am refusing to think of the terrible white stuff that falls from the sky which cannot be named) because I have great plans! We will be taking the youth group down to Liberty University which will be really fun (and warmer temps), my mom is coming in two weeks and we have more friends and family that are visiting at the end of November...YAY!!! Which includes making my first Thanksgiving dinner with the help of my sister and my hubby. I am already making myself wait on buying Christmas gifts because I love doing that. And thanks to the geniusness of Pinterest I have projects that I am determined to actually do!! So, here's to thinking positive and making the most of everyday, even the cold ones.

17 October 2011

Mommy Monday :: Training

Just a few days ago it clicked with me that my role as mother had changed, that no longer was I only caring for Aiden's physical and emotional needs. And no longer is it oh-so-cute when he decides to hit my face with his pudgy little hands...things have changed. Of course, I still make sure he is fed, rested, clean, loved and happy, but I am also full force into training him. This includes discipline, redirecting, teaching, guiding and letting him figure things out on his own. The decisions I make now will have an effect on what kind of kid he is, how well he behaves and how he learns. It sometimes seems overwhelming and I definitely have to remind myself that it matters, it's not just "oh, he's too little to understand". So here Dan & I are, wanting to start off strong to raise our son in a way that is pleasing to God. If you think of us, pray for us!

"Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6

Such a big boy...

14 October 2011

Foto Friday :: Acorns

I have a quick story to go with these acorns. I really wanted some acorns for fall decorations in my house but didn't want to buy them because that seemed kind of unnecessary. So, on one of our beautiful 70 degree days I decided to take Aiden on a walk around our neighborhood. While on the walk I decided to do the "longer route" and because I did I spotted TONS of acorns on the side of the road. Well, needless to say I immediately started picking them up by the handful and throwing them in my stroller. While I was doing it I was laughing at myself because of how silly I probably looked to anyone who might spot me. And...in the yard I was by was an older man mowing his grass. He stopped mowing and came over to me and talked to me about the acorns, the weather, Aiden and all the small talk stuff. As we were finishing our walk I thanked God for three blessings He gave in that short period- the amazing weather, the acorns and the man I got to talk with.

Also I just love the jeans Aiden is wearing and wanted to show them off. :)

10 October 2011

Mommy Monday :: Top Ten Phrases

Here are the top ten things that I say to Aiden at this stage of our lives:

10. Are you ready to go ni-night?
9. Let's go change your diaper...
8. Do you want to eat or a drink? (which he pretty much always does!)
7. No Aiden.
6. Where's daddy? Go get him. :)
5. Don't throw your food on the floor.
4. I'm gonna geeeettt you....
3. Don't put that in your mouth.
2. Show mommy what's in your mouth.

But with no competition the thing I say to him the most every single day is.....


This photo reminds me of something else I always say, "Mommy's gonna go get the camera" :)

06 October 2011

Foto Friday :: Mommy & Son

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of Aiden and myself in a mirror and think "do I really have a one year old; didn't I just graduate from high school?" Well news flash....I graduated SEVEN years ago! It's crazy how fast life goes and I appreciate when I get a little reality check of my life. What kind of follower of Jesus, mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, youth pastor's wife am I? What will I do today that will put me on the right path for who I will be in another seven years.

05 October 2011

Aiden's birthday in photos

I know it's been a few weeks since Aiden's birthday, but I am finally getting to putting this up. I photographed Aiden throughout the day he turned one! It was a Sunday, so we went to church twice and it was the day my sister and kids came. So I hope you enjoy seeing a little view of what this special day was like for us!

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