06 February 2012

Mommy Monday :: Not Such A Fun Activity

If you remember from my last "Mommy Monday" I mentioned to stay tuned for this week's post because I was going to do what I thought would be a fun activity for Aiden. Welllll, not so much. My idea was to let him just play with shaving cream in the bath tub. I thought he would enjoy squishing and spreading it all around (since he likes to do that with his food). I couldn't have been more wrong.

I started by putting Aiden in the tub and squirted a decent amount of shaving cream in front of him. He just starred at it. I put my hand in it to show him what to do, still nothing, so I took his hand and put it in the cream. What happened next I was not prepared for. He got a terrible and scared look on his face and starting crying BIG time. He immediately stood up and wanted out, so I first cleaned off his hand, then his foot hit the shaving cream and he slipped around a little bit. I caught him, but I understand how that would have been scary and so he cried more. I just grabbed him out of the tub and within seconds I was covered in shaving cream. It took him a long time to stop crying and I am still baffled by this. He is not one to be scared easily. Only two times that I can remember; the vacuum cleaner when he was like 6 months and my sister's big dog because she jumped up on the gate. 

He finally calmed down and I tried a little bit more with the shaving cream like putting it on my finger and having him touch it. He would get a little frowny face and shake his head no, so sad and so cute. Needless to say I cleaned it up and just gave him a bath. And Dan will be using some cheap shaving cream for a while. :) I will try it again sometime and hope for a different result, I will also take it a little slower. 

Here is the one picture I took of the whole ordeal.

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  1. maybe try whipped cream so he can eat it


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