03 February 2012

52|05 :: Sunshine & Warmth

I see grace in:

sunshine & warmth

Enjoying this strange but awesome 
warm winter and looking forward to
the days of Spring and Summer.

This winter has been the best of my life. We've had like two real snows and uncommonly warm days! This past Tuesday, it was like 50 degrees so Aiden and I definitely took advantage! We went to the rail trail, which if you aren't from this area it is a two mile paved trail for people to walk, run, ride..etc. I went with the goal of just letting Aiden play and explore and basically call the shots. It was for him to be outside and enjoy himself! He played mostly around this house at the start and we walked a little ways, waving to everyone who walked by and stopping to pet every dog (and there were a lot), then turn to follow them. HaHa. It was a lot of fun and can I just say how cute is he in that Wii hat and sunglasses! 
I couldn't help but add captions to these following pictures because this is what I really feel he is saying. :)

"I'd like to come in and explore this building."

"Excuse me, could you please come back with your dogs?
I wasn't finished with them yet."

Aiden: "Can I climb over this into the mud?"
Mommy: "No Aiden, you have to stay on the ramp." 

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  1. AWWW soo cute! you're a good mommy


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