21 February 2012

Iced Mocha at Home - FINALLY!!

If you know me you know how I love-love-love going to Starbucks. The funny thing is though I actually only like about three things from there, but I really like them. In case you are wondering they are...a Mocha Frappucino (with an added flavor like hazelnut, peppermint...etc) or the White/Regular Mocha (with an added flavor and half the espresso). Everything else, I pretty much hate. haha. The other thing is those drinks are about $5. Ouch. I could buy a shirt for that price. Plus add in all the calories and sugar in one of those drinks, I feel sick thinking about it. Over all, probably not the best use of my resources. So, I have been dying for an easy version I could make at home. I have tried a couple, but today I made one that was easy and I LOVED IT! So, I wanted to share it with you. I got the recipe from Pinterest, big surprise, but made a few tweaks.

You start out with ice in a cup, and pour some cold coffee in it. I started with this amount, but later added more and I believe it ended up to be one cup.

Then add one cup of milk, a spoonful of sugar (makes the medicine go dowwwn), a little vanilla extract, and then a long squeeze of chocolate syrup. All along I was tasting it to see what to add more of. And of course it's totally customizable for what you like. Add more coffee and less milk if you like it stronger, no sugar if you don't need it sweet...etc. You know what you like!

My finishing touch, which is not surprising in my house, was flavored creamer. We currently have York Peppermint Patty in our house, so that's what went in. Top it off with a little or big dollop (name that movie) of whip cream and drizzle with chocolate syrup. It is amazing!!!!

Two things I really like about this. No using a blender and you can drink it slow without worrying that all the little ice chunks are going to melt. Next time I will probably make like a ten cup pot of coffee, freeze one cup portions and take them out and thaw them when I want. The only hard part about this is trying not to make one every single day. lol. We may run out of milk fast. :)


  1. Yum! I just found an iced coffee recipe I've been making... I prefer caramel over mocha so that's what my version is. I like it because it uses instant coffee so no brewing hehe! In a small jar (I use a glass baby food jar) put 3 tbsp warm water, one tsp sugar, 2.5 tsp instant coffee granules ( or one individual packet), and I add a GENEROUS squirt of caramel ice cream topping. Shake for a few seconds until foamy. Fill your cup with ice, 1 cup milk, flavored creamer ( caramel vanilla here ;)) , and pour coffee mixture in and stir. I am addicted. yippee!

    1. Oops I meant only 2 tsp coffee granules, not 2.5 tsp. :-)


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