06 July 2011

9 Month Experiences

Woah it's been almost a month since my last post. Obviously things have been crazy and I haven't made time to formulate any thoughts. :)

In the beginning of June Aiden began to crawl! This was exciting of course and in we go to a new stage. Gone are the days of being able to take my eyes off him for a SECOND! No, it's not that bad, but if I leave the room I am always am listening for what he is getting into, but generally speaking he is not too far behind me. Not only is he crawling, but will use anything he can to pull himself up, he is wanting to walk! He is also into EVERYTHING, putting it all in his mouth, exploring and figuring things out. :)

So in comes the discipline. His favorite "not allowed" things to do are play with the entertainment center, chew on shoes and eat the rug padding. So, needless to say I cannot count how many times I say "no" throughout the day. I find myself being more tired at the end of the day than I used to be and worn out from doing the same thing over and over.

But I have been learning some things along the way. Like even though it's easier to let him play and chew on everything he isn't supposed to, it's not better for him in the long run. It's really more of a laziness on my part that I just want things to be easy. Well news flash Robyn, life isn't that way, especially with children. I try to keep in focus that this won't last forever and so even though it can be frustrating I don't want to loose sight of enjoying him completely so I don't have regrets. Sometimes it's easier for me to focus on the negatives in life that I miss the joys and you can't do that with children or I feel you can miss everything. That being said, he continues to be a very fun and sweet little boy who brings us so much joy!

Here are some pictures of my cute troublemaker!

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