28 February 2011

Carmel Delight Bars

First of all I want to say that I LOVE girl scout cookies. Especially "Carmel Delights" now named "Somoa". So when I found a blog, Baking Bites, that had the recipes for these cookies I was pumped!

Here was my first attempt to making Somoa Bars.

Neither baking nor cooking comes naturally easy for me. These are not hard, but there are some things I need to do better next time. They were too thick, I needed to spread out the bottom layer more and maybe less of the carmel/coconut middle. Other than that, they're pretty good!!

I will be making these again along with some of the other girl scout cookies.

This week I will be attempting cut out cookies. I have yet to be successful (trying maybe twice) because I have a hard time with dough, it's always too sticky. But, I can't get better without trying so here goes!

14 February 2011

Amazon Mom

My good friend and mom-to-be, Arlee Benedict told me about AMAZON MOM and I want to share it with you! Maybe you've heard of it, but I hadn't...

Amazon Mom is something that you just sign up for, it's free. You don't have to be a mom; dad's can do it. Here are the benefits (from their website):

Amazon Mom members receive exclusive discounts on a variety of products and categories. Discounts and promotions will be e-mailed to your Amazon.com e-mail account or made available on the Amazon Mom membership page at www.amazon.com/mom. Benefits include:

• 30% off select diapers and wipes: As an Amazon Mom, you receive an additional 15% discount on top of the standard 15% discount on Subscribe & Save when you sign up for Subscribe & Save delivery. Subscribe & Save shipping is always free, and you can change your delivery schedule or cancel at any time. No fees, no risks, no obligations.

• FREE 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime: When you join Amazon Mom, you will receive FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime for the first 3 months of your membership. For each $25 you spend within a single order in the Baby store, we’ll grant you an additional month of Amazon Prime shipping benefits. You can earn up to one year from the date you joined Amazon Mom.

I subscribed for Pampers Baby Dry Size 3 diapers, Economy box (204 diapers). They will be delivered to my house every other month (I'm sure I'll need more than this, but started out this way). I am paying $30 a box!! At Target this same box is $45! Now that is awesome. :)

Thanks Arlee for the tip!

04 February 2011


Ok- another post for moms. What can I say...I am a new mom, have lots of questions and love learning from others!

I am all about Aiden being on a schedule! I have been following BabyWise and it has worked out really well for the most part!! Aiden though will do strange things and as he gets older he is changing of course. I am trying to figure out the best thing for us.

So- my question simply is this- what schedule are you or did you follow with your babies? And maybe I can get some new ideas of different possibilities!

01 February 2011

I'm Still Here . . .

In case any of you are wondering, I have not quit on this blog. We recently sold our computer and are getting a new one soon. So, blogging is next to impossible without a computer. :)

A quick update on life. Today I am snowed in. The snow appears to have stopped and I don't know if it will pick up or not. So I am spending the day attempted to make homemade cinnamon rolls (epic fail, the dough didn't rise, maybe I'll try again), washing bedding, probably watching a movie and of course hanging out with my awesome son.

For those interested...here is what Aiden is up to...
  • Four and a half months. Weighing 16.14 pounds and 27 in long. I have put him in a couple 6-9 month clothes! Can't believe it.
  • Last night he rolled from tummy to back without any help from me!!!!
  • He continues to love to sit & stand, but still does enjoy laying on his back. He is more vocal on what he does and doesn't like.
  • He is starting to like his oatmeal cereal every night and is really getting the hang of it.
  • Last night he slept 11 1/2 hours!!! A milestone I've been waiting for him to hit! Here's hoping it wasn't just a fluke, but the start of his regular routine!
  • As far as bottles go, I've tried four different kinds and he appears to do best with the first I gave him, Avent. Today I gave him a bottle and put in a movie. He drank some and no screaming. So, I'll be trying that again. :-)

Next week Aiden and I will be traveling to Ohio for a few days to see family and friends. I am looking forward to seeing everyone!!

Other than that I continue to walk on this journey of life. Growing, failing and learning.

Thank you for reading.

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