30 June 2013

A Word in Pictures :: Outside

Hello friends! This month's blog circle is very fitting I think! It being June, and a slow start to summer here, I believe most of us love being outside and the fun things we get to do. At the beginning of this month I definitely felt overwhelmed with life and all that "needed to be done", but then I made a decision- that this summer was going to be about having fun. Every chance we could! And it really has helped my focus. And I want to keep it that way. That the things like housework and "you-fill-in-the-blank" can wait. Around here we wait 9 months for nice weather and when it's here I am going to make the most of it!! So, on Instagram I made up a hashtag to compile all of our fun this summer! Here are a few- Instagram style!

Here are some non-instagram photos that are still some of my favorites. :)

At the end of the summer we are going to pick some to print and hang up. These two so far are the only ones that are must haves! I give all the credit to Dan who we have recently discovered is very talented in the phone photography arena!!!

Now head over to Jody's blog & see how they have spent their time outside!

16 June 2013

For My Husband

One of my greatest joys as a mother is to watch my husband with our kids. It makes my heart happy in a certain way that few things do. I am so thankful for Dan and how he loves our boys and his passion for them growing to be men of deep character. As I chose pictures to share with you it was so hard to narrow it down to these. So many special moments. And I realized that my favorite pictures are definitely the everyday ones that show us and our real life, where I can see the love between father and son(s).

Thank you Dan for being an amazing dad to our boys, I look forward to many more years of raising them together! I love you. :)

14 June 2013

Hudson :: 4 Months

A couple weeks ago Gavin and I were so blessed to finally be able to meet Hudson! I seriously had been waiting for this moment back last year when both Erin and I found out we were pregnant at the same time! Hudson and Gavin were born two days apart and that is just so exciting to the both of us! I can't wait as our boys grow and get to play more together! Hudson is adorable and so much fun to be around. He has amazing facial expressions and he just makes me laugh! I can't wait till July and we get to see each other again!! 

06 June 2013

Love from Gavin

I imported a bunch of pictures today and I couldn't help but want to share some with you. I take a picture of Gavin everyday for his first year and I just love it because it's amazing to watch him grow and see what I capture of him. Here are some from just this past week. He is such a little charmer and I can't help but squeeze him; all 18 lbs of him. :)

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