29 March 2012

Picture Story

My goal is this post is to tell a story without any words. Enjoy!
No pictures were taken while the car was moving. :)

26 March 2012

Cousins and Friends

One of my greatest joys is that my sister and I have boys only 6 months apart! They are finally at the age where there isn't as much of a difference between the two and I just love it! Any time they are playing together I try to grab my camera because it just kills me at how cute they are. But they are also so fast, so it's hard to get good ones. Mostly there is a lot of happiness and hugs, but sometimes there is wanting to play with the same toys and such things like that. I hope as they grow up they will be best friends!!

24 March 2012

Who Will He Be?

It's always exciting to think about the kind of person Aiden will be. What will he like? What will he do? What will his passions be? It will be fun to watch all those things develop and change over the next many years!

Maybe he'll be a golfer like his mommy?! Only hopefully a more dedicated and better golfer! :)

And by the looks of things, it seems he'll be a reader like his daddy. :)

23 March 2012

52|12 :: Nature

I see grace in:


"The Heavens declare the 
glory of God, and the sky 
above proclaims His handiwork."

That verse is found in Psalm 19.1 and I love it! Sometimes the glory of God is so obvious in His creation. It is easy for me to see and feel the presence of God by looking at the sky. There's something about it that opens my eyes and I can experience Him there. 

17 March 2012

52|11 :: My Son

I see grace in:

my son

I can never be too 
thankful for my son who 
is a huge gift from God.

This week as I was watching Aiden play I was struck with thoughts of all the parents I know who have lost a young child. I was immediately so heart broken for them and prayed because I can't imagine that feeling. Then of course my mind starts a cycle I've had before. Starting with fear of that happening to Aiden, if you stay there as a mom it is just terrible, so I force myself to move on and focus on the sovereignty and intimate love of God. I can trust Him with the lives of those I love so dearly. Then the cycle ends with being so thankful for Aiden and all those in my life and I am pushed to make the most of the moments. Life is such a gift!

13 March 2012

Jocelyn and Kevin's Winter Shoot

While Jocelyn and Kevin were here visiting we did a photo shoot! They were my first couple and it was great and of course, I learned a ton. The two days they were here it was totally cold...big bummer. But we braved the cold and even blizzard type conditions for these pictures! They were troopers when I said "one more..." :)

11 March 2012

March 5-10 :: Everyday In March

March 5 :: My living room at any given point in the day.
Play Time.

March 6 :: My child's artwork on the fridge!
I would say this is Aiden's first official drawing and I love it!

March 7 :: Thermometer showing the days temperature.
March 8 :: Doing a daily chore
Not a daily chore but helping mommy dust. :)

March 9 :: A child sleeping
Pooped after all the fun at Arrowhead during Jocelyn and Kevin's photo shoot.

 March 10 :: Playing somewhere new
At the Corning Museum of Glass

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