02 January 2012

Mommy Monday :: Down With The Sickness

At the end of our Christmas vacation Dan and I experienced our first sick child. It happened in the middle of the night and I was thankful that we were sleeping in the same room as Aiden otherwise I don't know if I would have heard him. He didn't cry and I don't even think he was fully awake, but I heard that he was throwing up. I jumped up and got him out, trying to help him finish in the garbage can. Then we turned on a light and saw that it was all over the pack-n-play. Talk about NASTY! 

I always said that I wouldn't be the one to clean up puke, but it really is amazing how things change when you become a mom. I was able to do what was necessary and Dan helped with some of the extra nasty stuff which I was so thankful for. 

We made it through the night although I wasn't sure what to do; or what Aiden would do. After an hour or so he did eventually fall back asleep and stayed asleep the rest of the night. Also during this time I did not feel so good either, which made it that much harder. 

The next morning we left to come back home, I didn't feel good and we had no idea what Aiden would be like. I sat back with him and Dan drove the whole way which was amazing because I was having such a hard time feeling with it. We made it with no big events! Praise God!

A couple things I learned through this...First, I CAN handle puke, but probably only if it's my child. Secondly, it is a hard thing to be sick and have a child to take care of and so I am thankful one of us felt healthy while the other was under. And it always good to remember that the sickness won't last, although it feels like it will never end. Here's to the first experience and I'm glad is over. 

I thought this would be fitting because there's much cleaning to do after someone is sick.

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  1. I remember the first time I was *really* sick after becoming a Mommy...I cried so much missing my own mother taking care of me! What a role we play in our homes. :-)


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