07 November 2011

Mommy Monday :: Weekend Away

This past weekend Dan & I took some students in our youth group down to Liberty for "College For A Weekend" and because of the nature of the trip we came to the conclusion that it was best not to bring Aiden with us. My amazing mom offered to drive to watch him for the four days we were gone. 

Now this was the longest we had been away from him; four days and three nights. I knew it was the right thing to do and that I would be fine once we had left, but leading up to it was a killer. The day before we left was hard and I was constantly worrying about it. I received good encouragement from Dan and my friend Jody that Aiden was in God's hands the same as when I am home. So I worked through that a lot, continually giving him over to God and choosing to trust. But still, I barely slept the night before and the morning of I had this nervous/sick feeling in my stomach that wouldn't go away. 

Then our friend, Faye came to watch him for a few hours before my mom arrived and Aiden was happy and being goofy and that made me feel so good. Then off we went and as we were on the road I felt better. As the trip went on I was even more confident that we made the right choice. With long hours in the car and the busyness of the weekend it would've been difficult for Aiden and myself. 

Meanwhile at home, mom and Aiden were having a great time. Every time I called it just seemed like it was going so well and that he was happy!!!! Which of course made me happy. And coming home was the best to see him again (looking bigger of course) like we were never gone. :)

A few things I learned from this weekend away:

  • In a new way I put my trust in God for Aiden and I want to keep that perspective and trust even when I am home with Aiden. 
  • It's hard to leave your kid(s), but it is ok and healthy for both you and your child.
  • It made me realize that Dan and I need a weekend away together to relax and rejuvenate, so I am in the beginning stages of planning somewhere for us to go!!! 

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us, that means a lot! 

And thank you so much mom!!! Aiden was in good hands 
and I am glad you two got to spend time together!! Love you!

At the Liberty football game! :)

Playing with his new football from Grandma!


  1. yayyyyy. so cute! You're a rock'n'roll mama

  2. Thanks for letting me come. The pleasure was all mine and God really worked out the scheduling. Love you.


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