21 November 2011

Mommy Monday :: Fork and Spoon Here We Come!

I am now officially committing to the new adventure of teaching Aiden to use a fork and spoon to eat. AHHHHHHH. That's the way I feel about it. lol. I don't know if this whole concept just wasn't on my radar or what, but I hadn't really thought about teaching him till recently. Probably because it's just waaaay easier to give him finger foods or for me to feed him, then to go through the drawn out process of helping him get every bite onto his spoon. As you can tell I am not overly excited about this as every meal will be even more complicated and I will be eating even colder food. :) 

It is a good thing, obviously, and I know I will be glad when the hard work pays off and he can eat on his own. I also remember feeling like he would never be able to drink from a sippy cup or eat regular food or walk, but before I knew it, he was. So, I keep reminding myself that it won't be for too long. And, I still want to enjoy these extra moments I'll have with him at each meal. :)

Any advice for this little adventure?.....

Look at those messy hands. Not for long! 
(you don't even want to see what his face looks like :))

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  1. I felt the same way with Alayna--I just wanted to stick with easy finger foods! However, she picked up the spoon and fork thing quickly, which was nice. I think I only really showed her a couple of times what to do and she just did it on her own (I think having a big brother helps since she watches him and learns from him all the time. It seems like she has learned things quicker than Caedon did when he was little). Keep at it, it will click soon and then he will be a pro. Oh, and just to warn you, using a spoon and fork are just as (if not more!) messy sometimes :-) You should see Alayna after she feeds herself applesauce or yogurt. Get some big bibbs!! hehe Hope it goes well!!


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