02 November 2011

The Love of the FATHER

Sometimes I am deeply struck with how much God loves me and the way that He loves me. In a couple of different books I was reading I saw glimpses of how God loves His children. I know I am not a father, but as I was thinking about it one day I was drawn to the correlation between my love for Aiden and God's love for me. I love Aiden more than I thought was possible, but I have already seen my love for him fail. I have been impatient, frustrated and annoyed. But as I thought about my Heavenly Father I realized His love has never failed. No matter how many times I may "touch the entertainment center", "play with decorations", "drop my sippy cup off my highchair" or outright refuse Him--His love has NEVER failed. His love is perfect and not just in a dry doctrinal way, but He loves to have perfect love for me. He likes to like me. It is wonderful to grasp that God enjoys loving me like I enjoy loving Aiden. He loves to spend time with me and that is awesome. It's a beautiful thing. He is a beautiful God. I am so thankful.

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we
should be called children of God; and so we are.
1 John 3:1a


  1. What a great perspective. Thinking about how much I love my child, but that love failing at times. And the Lord's love NEVER fails us?! That IS amazing! Thanks for sharing, Robyn!

  2. I love this Robyn...thanks for reminding us that His love never fails and that it is perfect...unlike ours.


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