10 October 2011

Mommy Monday :: Top Ten Phrases

Here are the top ten things that I say to Aiden at this stage of our lives:

10. Are you ready to go ni-night?
9. Let's go change your diaper...
8. Do you want to eat or a drink? (which he pretty much always does!)
7. No Aiden.
6. Where's daddy? Go get him. :)
5. Don't throw your food on the floor.
4. I'm gonna geeeettt you....
3. Don't put that in your mouth.
2. Show mommy what's in your mouth.

But with no competition the thing I say to him the most every single day is.....


This photo reminds me of something else I always say, "Mommy's gonna go get the camera" :)

1 comment:

  1. hahahah! Love number 2 & 3.... what a stinker!


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