08 March 2011

Photography Help

We recently bought a new camera! YAAAYY!! Thank you hubby. :) This is a huge dream of mine come true because I am obsessed (I do not use this word lightly) with pictures! I want to be able to take awesome pictures of course and I am already completely overwhelmed at the possibilities and the options on this camera. But, I gotta start somewhere and I am expecting it to be this way until I get the hang of it.

What I want to be really good at taking pictures of is PEOPLE! haha. Especially children. Hm- I wonder why- oh yea, I am crazy about my son!

As I am learning I would like to look at other people's work to get ideas and inspiration.

What I am asking of YOU is.....
do you know of any photographer's websites or blogs that could help me?!


  1. Tim just wrote a photography guide! it's specifically for landscape photography, but I read it and there are some really helpful tidbits! He starts from the basics of camera lingo and tells you what it all means! It was very helpful for me who know nothing about how to work a camera or take amazing pictures! Here's the link to it on his blog. You can download it as a PDF.

  2. oops... here's the link: http://blog.pastoralimpressions.com/2011/01/landscape-photography-guide.html

  3. I'll tell you anything you want to know this week lol I can give you links to a ton of helpful places too.

  4. That's so great! What kind did you end up getting? I love looking at Jessica Claire's blog. She's super creative.


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