02 March 2011

A Day in the Life of Us.

No real reason, but I thought it wold be fun to write out
what a typical day in the White house looks like:

7am - Dan's alarm goes off. :) Aiden has also been recently waking up at this time. But he stays in his bed until 8 if he doesn't go back to sleep.
After feeding time it's playtime with mommy and some solo play.
9:30 is NAP time! I like Aiden to sleep either till 11:30 or for 2 hours (whichever is longer).
What does mommy do? I usually get ready (I mostly never take a shower before 9:30 these days) and try to get something productive accomplished.
11-11:30 is feeding time again,
After eating, this is the time of day when if we are going to go somewhere, this is when we go. Which usually includes shopping (groceries and fun). If not, it's more play time.
Around 1:00 it's nap time again and this is where it gets a little sticky, we are currently in the phase of moving to a 3-4 hour schedule and I would like Aiden to take 2 long naps and 1 short one, but he doesn't always do it. SO, I am going with the flow.
What does Mommy do? This is the nap where I try to spend time
with God and relax, either nap, read or do something that is enjoyable to me.
2:30 is eating time again, followed by some baby food/cereal. This is a new part of the schedule, I had been feeding Aiden cereal every evening, but now with starting baby food and I will be regularly introducing new foods, I'm changing it. Then more play as we wait for daddy to come home. He spends time in his play center, sitting up with toys, tummy time, reading books and me doing all sorts of ridiculous things to make him laugh. It's worth it!
4:-4:30- another nap! And I prepare dinner.
Then who knows when he'll wake up, it's always different. The longer he sleeps the better, otherwise keeping up till bedtime can be a little difficult.
5:30-6- more eating. Then either we are going somewhere for the evening or it's PLAY TIME WITH DADDY! At this point of the day I feel out of ideas of what to play with Aiden. So, when Dan has a meeting in the evening I am reminded of how thankful I am for him in this specific way! It would be so hard to be a single parent. I love all three of us being together and funny things happening and just enjoying who we are!

Every other night there's bath time!

8:30 is feeding and our precious Aiden & Mommy snuggle time before bed. And every night I am in awe of God and how He has blessed us in giving us Aiden.

Funny to realize that my mind now works on these time frames, it's programmed into how I do everything.

After Aiden goes down, depending on the day I either still have a good amount of energy to keep going or I crash. :) But mostly Dan and I spend time together.

Also intermittent throughout the entire day are the things that I need to get done.
Like laundry, cleaning, baking,
cooking. And other things that I don't have to do, but love to like youth group prep, photo books, blogging, talking to friends, hanging out with friends, reading and of course watching movies. :)

There you have it, a little look into my "normal" everyday life. But who really has normal days? Maybe two times a week! haha. Feel free to interrupt my day at any time by giving me a call or hanging out!

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  1. This was very informative.. I feel like I now know you better :) haha, LOVE YOU!


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