28 March 2011

Aiden + bad naps = stressful days

For some reason that I cannot figure out Aiden has a hard time with naps. He hasn't always and just when I thought I got him figured out we went away for one night and since then he's been all messed up.

BUT- the next week and a half I am devoting my days to getting him back to taking good naps. His sleep pattern is that he makes his transition at about 30 minutes, and too often he just wakes up fully then and doesn't go back to sleep. I know it will be tough and he will most likely spend a lot of time in his crib, probably crying. I have tried many things to help him, like putting him to bed earlier, later, letting him cry it out, trying to rock him...etc. Nothing seems to "do it".

Your prayers would be appreciated and I am praying for grace not to be frustrated and wisdom for how to best help him.

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