08 October 2013

Lights Out

Last night I went grocery shopping with Aiden and when we came back the power was randomly out on our block. With Dan's help we carried all the groceries in the house. It was then Aiden's bedtime and it was his first lights out experience so it actually was really fun. He kept making us laugh and had fun with the flashlights.

At first I was kind of annoyed with the whole no power thing because I had a good amount of normal house maintenance I was planning on doing. But when it wasn't an option I decided to embrace the moment and actually got excited about the possibilities. I got my books and decided to do some quick dishes by candlelight. Then the lights came back on and I found myself being disappointed. In that 25 minutes or so I experienced a freedom. A weight off my shoulders. I didn't feel the pressure of the never ending to do list or that my living room was covered in toys. So, even though the power turned on I decided to go on with my original plan. But unfortunately the "freedom" I had felt was gone, the list and the possibilities were back and immediately a temptation to just veg and be entertained. But I just sat down with my Bible study book and notebooks by candlelight. It was kind of hard to see, haha, but it was good. It was good for my soul, it was refreshing. When I was done I was tired, so I stood up, left all my stuff there and went to bed. Didn't turn on a light and fully embraced the peace in my heart.

I know that life is busy, work, ministry & kids make you busy and then there is the never ending to do list. But though I may accomplish a lot, am I better for it? Or does it have a negative effect on me and those around me?

My encouragement to you is to take time for your soul, be refreshed in God, have a no power evening and sometimes go to bed early! You will be better for it.   

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