10 September 2013

Mommy Wars :: Who Am I?

Lately I've been growing and understanding more about motherhood and what it means to me, so these ideas are a couple of posts in the making but today I want to quickly mention the "mommy wars". Maybe it's me, but I feel like it's everywhere or more likely the ideas of not falling into the traps of the "mommy wars". I follow a few Mom blogs and may receive anywhere from 1-3 emails a day concerning motherhood. Many times those emails have been just what I needed that day, but lately I feel like "ahhh, I do not want to read anything else about motherhood". lol. 

Many of the articles I read try to encourage us not to fall into the lies of comparing or trying to be it all. And that's where I want to start today. One article pointed out how we try to be different people, we see "fashionable mom" in the store and try to be more like her for a week, then we see "organic mom" so we try to be like her, then "fit mom", "crafty mom", "awesome-cook mom"...etc. And we end up just discouraged because we try to be all 10 different types of people at the same time. It just doesn't work. 
My problem probably comes from myself, that I set expectations on myself that nobody else does based on all these ideas that swirl around in my head. 

I know this of course doesn't apply to just moms, but people in general and I think it stems from an insecurity of who we are. Not finding our identity in Jesus, His love & who HE made us to be. And then as a result being that person to the best of our ability and using our gifts to serve God and love our husbands, children and others.

So, I decided to share with you some of WHO I AM (I'm going to focus more on the areas of the home since that's where I am 90% of my life):

  • I am thankful I get to be a stay-at-home-mom and do not take it for granted.
  • I would love for my house to look like something out of Pottery Barn (wouldn't we all)! Decorating is somewhat of a challenge for my non-abstract mind and non-crafty self, but I love a finished product I am happy with.
  • I love a clean and picked up house.
  • I love eating good food, but I do not like spending an hour cooking, eating for 10 min and then 30 minutes cleaning up- not worth it. So I prefer to stick to simple but tasty dinners.
  • I try at least one new recipe every week, sometimes more. Which is sometimes to Dan and I's regret. lol. But I can't help myself, the pictures always look so yummy!
  • I am not a health-nut, but I do provide balanced meals for my family.
  • I bake a lot!
  • I am a hard worker. Something I got from my mom and I am very thankful for! Thank you mom!
  • I am passionate about photography!! Obviously! That is my main interest after all the other things being a mom includes. I love the way I feel after I capture an image that is beautiful. It is an art form and it pumps up my creative juices.
  • I am a believer in Babywise and schedules for infants.
  • I think my day-to-day life would be easier if I actually followed the routine I have for me and the kids. Next month. :) 
  • My kids go to bed around 8:15 or earlier. 
  • When things get hard, my tendency is to give up.
  • I love sweets way more than is good for me. :)
  • My concern for my general appearance, clothes & exercise has diminished as I've had kids because who has the time and money for that. lol.
  • I can be very task-orientated and selfish in my heart. (which is it's own post coming soon)
  • I make some of my own baby food to save money; not because I think store food is bad.
  • I can almost 100% guarantee I will never have a garden in my lifetime although I would love the result of one. haha.
  • I never care to learn to sew, but I appreciate immensely the people in my life who do & have used their gift to be a blessing to me!
  • I am not a good sleeper.
  • I love going through boxes, re-organizing and am very good at throwing things out!! 
  • I feel like I am the queen of "special things" haha. Ask Dan, he'll tell you it's true. Every time we go out or do something fun I always want to add it to it by getting a "special drink", "special toy", "special outfit" or "special treat"...etc. It's a good thing I don't or we would have no money and our kids would be spoiled rotten. 
  • Dates are very important to me, like birthdays, holidays...etc. Even we celebrate on a different day, the day itself needs to be something special!
  • Both of my kids have a special song I sing to them before they go to sleep.
  • My perfect weather is sunny and 70 degrees.
  • I am entirely thankful for all the amazing friends and family God has put in my life! They keep me sane and help me not get lost in my own world.
Obviously this it not extensive and doesn't touch all my sin problems. We all have sin that we must deal with, and that is where Jesus is the answer! So thankful for Jesus dying on the cross and taking the punishment for me so that I can have forgiveness and right standing with God.

My loves :)

God made me and God made you!! I would encourage you to sit down and write out who you are! Let's celebrate in who God has made us to be.

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