31 May 2013

A Word in Pictures :: New

This month's theme for our blog circle is NEW. At the beginning of the month I really wanted to do something creative with it, but as the month went on I lost all motivation. And decided to take an easy way instead. So for starters I decided to do something new and post unedited (except the B&W one) pictures only from my phone and simply share with you some of our new experiences this month. I was surprised actually how many new things happen in such a short time and I had to cut a lot out (even though this is a really long post!) It was fun to see how my life isn't the same 'ol- same 'ol like it feels sometimes. :)

    For starters I have really loved the new growth that comes with having some warm weather

    Which includes getting to experience new summer activities and this big boy is anxious to try new things and I
    am learning a new way of doing parks with a three month old.

    I have also started working more intentionally on letters with Aiden. One letter each week. He has done really

   In Gavin's world the newest best thing is sitting up (not by himself yet). This kid always wants to see what is 
   going on and be a part of it! He is also starting to wiggle and move his body like crazy. He also has the most 
   adorable laugh, he certainly has a way of lifting my spirits!

    Also, we have finally forsaken the swing and aim for naps in the crib, no matter how short they may be!

    As a family we have been doing fun things together and every time is so special to me, I love it so much and 
    look forward to the things we will do the rest of the summer! This month we went to the circus! 

   For me some new things have involved my newest obsession (yes that is the right word) with homemade iced coffee. I made some following this recipe from Pioneer Woman and enjoy it every single day!

    New recipes- homemade Chik-Fil-A sandwiches were so yummy!

    My newest frustration in life would be the fact that my washing machine doesn't spin. Needless to say my dryer 
    runs almost all day long. Looking forward to getting that figured out. :)

    My friend, Joy, and I have been reading this book together and it has been awesome. I am realizing a 
    lot of new things about myself and things that need to change. So thankful for this!

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  1. I'm definitely going to have to check out that iced coffee recipe - looks yummy!


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