26 September 2011

Mommy Monday

My friend, Jody Greetham, had this idea on her blog to do "Mommy Mondays" and I thought it was a great idea, so I'm going to do it!!

So to start things off....

Right now in my world of motherhood I feel a little stuck maybe. I am not even sure how to put all this into words, but I'll try. Aiden is older so the concerns of infants aren't really there anymore which is different. I feel like I am struggling with not doing enough with him to help him develop. I have a hard time talking throughout the whole day to someone who doesn't understand. lol. But that is something I want to do, like talk through what I am doing or constantly be saying what things are so he learns to talk. I don't know if that is an unrealistic expectation or not. Basically I think that I'm not sure how our days together should look anymore. And it's not like I want to add things to make us more busy or something, but I find myself wondering what to do next with Aiden.

If anyone has any fun ideas of activities to do with a one year old, please tell me!


  1. You could play childrens' books on tape/cd to give you a break from talking. :-)

  2. You definitely can't go wrong with LOTS of reading! Also, being outside a lot is great for this age, especially if they are walking. They can explore and exercise those gross motor skills (walking) and also their fine motor skills (playing with leaves, twigs, etc). Plus its just fun :-) One thing I have been doing with Alayna is taping a piece of paper to her high chair and letting her scribble with crayons. Just be sure to watch that he doesn't try to eat the crayon! (Ask how I know!) Hope that helps! :-)



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