04 April 2011

Puree Delishiousness

I am proud to announce that Aiden has successfully finished being introduced to all his first baby foods! Except peas, I cannot stand peas myself and I think I would gag if I were feeding the baby food version to him. He didn't really respond well to rice cereal so he has eaten mostly oatmeal and a little bit of barley. And I am convinced that carrots were a little weird to him. Maybe I'll try them again, who knows.

It took Aiden a little while to go from this...

To This:

He recently got to the point where he squeals with some excitement when I pull out the highchair and where he opens his mouth ready for the food. He seems to like each kind of food, which is a great blessing!! He also tries to grab the spoon himself and loves to stick his fingers in his mouth while eating and then proceed to wipe it all over his clothes. Never a dull moment!

Then there is also this face when he has just had enough.

HaHa. Oh he makes me laugh every single day!


  1. Aiden's "no more" face is great! What about prunes? I could never stand the smell and always associated them with poop! Ha.

  2. Robyn, saw your comment the other day, I think you can move him to the 2nd foods now...just ease him into it. They are a little thicker, so his diapers may be a little different too and maybe a little harder to digest. I usually went by the guide on the box as far as when to serve them something, but I think if he's done well so far he should do great! He's such a cutie, don't they look so much older when they start eating real food?? Enjoy it, it goes so fast as you know!

  3. Oh my goodness, this cracks me up. I love him!


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