09 April 2011

Hard Water Stains NO MORE!

Last summer I noticed my dishes from the dishwasher getting this white residue on it and with every wash it got worse and I would hand wash them and they wouldn't go away. Needless to say I was getting so frustrated. I finally realized it was due to hard water so I started looking online for solutions and I couldn't find any that didn't involve something expensive.

One day I was telling my frustration to my friend, Faye Beam, and she told me about this product- LEMISHINE!! I went out to Wal-Mart the next day to buy it and it has been wonderful! It seriously solved the problem and now my dishes look great!!

Every time I load my dishwasher I think to myself I need to tell people about this product so no one has to deal with the annoyance of nasty dishes. So there you have it- the answer to all your dish washing dilemmas. :)


  1. Wish I had another water softner to give to you :)

  2. This is just great...changed my dish-washing worries. Thanks Robyn :)

  3. What can I say- it will change your life. ha.


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