04 February 2011


Ok- another post for moms. What can I say...I am a new mom, have lots of questions and love learning from others!

I am all about Aiden being on a schedule! I have been following BabyWise and it has worked out really well for the most part!! Aiden though will do strange things and as he gets older he is changing of course. I am trying to figure out the best thing for us.

So- my question simply is this- what schedule are you or did you follow with your babies? And maybe I can get some new ideas of different possibilities!


  1. EASY: Eat, Activity, Sleep, You... I have found that routines are GREAT for babies, especially this one. This one is recommended by the "Baby Whisperer". I've used this with all the babies that I've cared for. I've found that it helps both me and baby when we both know what to expect and it's still flexible enough that it can change with them. Schedules can be too rigid if you are depending on things to happen at a certain time. A routine allows for you both to know what is going to happen next without being stuck to a mandate. The best advice I can give is to pay attention to what Aiden is telling you and respect what he needs while still being the mom and knowing best.

  2. I also want to add that I am still planning on sticking with babywise, which is just like EASY. but a couple times because of circumstances I have fed aiden then put him to nap and he sleeps almost 2.5 hours then is such a happy baby! So, that has caused me to ask. So if you do follow babywise or EASY have you tweaked it in any specific way that really worked for you.


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