30 December 2010


OK all you moms- I need some help.

Aiden pretty much refuses to take a bottle. Some background...When he was about 2 weeks the doctor wanted me to supplement with some formula, so I did for about 5 days. He LOVED the bottle and preferred it for a while. Then we got passed the phase and I didn't supplement at all. He still did great taking a bottle when we were out. Then I don't really remember, I probably just used it less for a while. Then he all of a sudden decided he would hate the bottle. lol.

Now, he's so up and down. He'll do great for a while and then won't. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. I try to give him one everyday so it's normal, but I'm not totally consistent with that because sometimes it's just easier not to. He refused it over Christmas, we came home, he did great Monday night. He wouldn't take it last night or tonight.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! I would love for him to be consistent in this, it would make life so much easier!



  1. Mom used Platex Nurser with Joseph because it was more like a real nipple. For our tiny guy we only use Dr. Browns. Our tiny guy won't eat from anything else. I can send you one if you want to try it. Let me know.

  2. There are lots of things that could be going on....it may be easier for Dan to do a regular bottle. (Babies know when mom is close!) If there are no other feeding issues, it may just be easier to nurse. If you are really worried about him not eating from a bottle, you can try feeding him formula or expressed milk from a spoon or small cup.

    Another thought, does he suck a pacifier? He may like a bottle nipple similar to the pacifier he uses, too.

  3. Titus was the same way... It was frustrating at times for me because I wanted to know that IF I ever needed him to take a bottle, he would. He was so up and down with it... But if he needed a bottle for a meal here and there and didn't eat well, I figured, "Oh well, it's just one meal!" and he'd breastfeed great later. Just try to see it as a good thing, I guess! :) By the time I needed to supplement formula (at 10 1/2 months old) he took the bottle great. Just think of it as a good thing- breastfeeding is the way God made it to be, you are able to do it, and he prefers you! :) When he's ready for a bottle, it'll be the right time! :)

    Keep being a great mom! :)

  4. My third baby didn't take a bottle. I tried and tried and tried and no success. I ended up nursing him til his first birthday (which was not my choice). My suggestion is to try out some different bottles and have someone else feed him (you cant be around). Lincoln, when he was hungry enough, would kinda take a bottle (when I wasn't around and with a lot of frustration). Just keep trying and eventually you will find something that works for you. It does get easier when solid food gets introduced and you can space out your nursing a little more. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the advice everyone!


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