16 August 2013

6 Month Gavin

Gavin recently turned 6 months and throughout the past couple weeks I just keep experiencing shock over how fast it's gone. I am already putting newborn gear away and moving on to the next stage of babyhood. He sits so well and loves to play with toys! It's funny because I can tell when he's had enough with his baby toys and wants what Aiden has, which is usually Hot Wheels. I already see how he just wants to be a part of everything. He is constantly moving and bouncing if he can and he dances (bounces) when there is music, seriously. :) 

He still doesn't roll at all. If he is on his back he will scoot himself backwards, usually very unhappily. If he is on his tummy he will be happy for about 5 minutes and kind of scoot around and then he is done, so very done.  

I love the 6 month age, it is so fun for them to start to see the world a new way and experience things and grow. Gavin is so aware of what is going on and it really catches me off guard because again, I can't believe we are this point already! 

I love these 6 month pictures because they are just so him. I can't quite figure out what his eyes are going to be. Right now they are just dark and I, of course, love them! Enjoy, he's quite a charmer. :)

    "Mom, I am so done with this..."


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