30 April 2013

A Word in Pictures :: Moments

This month our theme for our blog circle was MOMENTS. Our lives are full of moments. Moments of happiness, sadness, frustration. Moments that we want to run away and hide, moments that take our breath away. It's very easy for me to get caught up in the negative moments and to let it affect me way too much. How would my everyday life be different if I chose to let the bad moments fade and pour my energy into the good ones. So much of life is about attitude and at the root of it is trusting in my faithful God throughout it all. He is the One who can give me what I need for each day. I am thankful for the moments that stop me in my tracks and remind me what it's all about. Remembering to breathe in the smell of my sweet baby, to look my two year old in the eyes when he is wanting to tell me something & to be thankful for the man my husband is. Remembering that my aim as a mom is to raise two godly men of deep character who will make a difference in the lives of those around them. My aim as a wife is to be an encourager and best friend to my husband who loves us all so much and provides so my dreams can be fulfilled. 

So here are some of my moments that touched my heart that I want to remember in the years to come.

    One of my favorite things is picking up Gavin when he is sleeping and his body curls up into me.

    Even my two year old still loves to snuggle...sometimes. :)

    I am entirely thankful for how Aiden & Gavin already love each other. I have hope that these two
    will be best friends for their entire life!

    Fresh air and a good walk with my thoughts. 

    I love this picture because it's just us. Being together.

    Aiden of course loves to help both mommy and daddy and to be apart of what is going on. And Dan 
    is so good at letting him help and working with him. And nobody quite makes both Aiden and Gavin 
    laugh like daddy can and I'm sure that will continue as time goes on.

Now head on over to Jody's blog and see her MOMENTS, I know they will be good!


  1. Nice pictures! :) You're right it's easy to get caught up in the negative instead of stopping to enjoy the moment!

  2. so agree with you! when I focus on relaxing over my to-do lists, I find myself enjoying my life as a mom so much more! It hit me today that my son is going to be 3 years old soon and I can't believe how they grow up so quickly...I want to enjoy my days before they are long gone.

  3. Love these pictures, Robyn! What beautiful moments!


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