02 November 2012

Aiden's New Room!

I'm very excited to share with you the finished product of Aiden's big boy room! We moved him into our guest/computer room. I've been thinking/planning it for a while now and it's cool to see it completed. We left the red wall we had, painted the other three gray and added one amazing blue stripe! It was amazing to see God provide through it all! We were either given things or purchased them at amazing prices! I owe a big thank you my friend Faye, who helped give me direction for the room becoming what it is! And of course to my husband, who listened to all my ideas over and over again, taped so we could have a straight stripe and just helped in lots of ways!! So, without further ado here it is!

Partially done painting.
View from the hallway.
Walking in.
Love the colors!
Since Aiden loves cars so much, I took pictures of a few of his hot wheels and painted these frames for wall art!
A cabinet given to us by friends that fits our needs perfectly!
Cabinet, closet and the door again.
Aiden loves to jump on his "new bed". 
This was his very first nap!

Dan and I both love to hang out in there and it just might be my new favorite room in the house because it's so happy and bright! We have had him in there for about a week now and he has done really great! He still is learning, but I'm proud of how well he has done! I've started working on the nursery now and will be able to show you that in a couple months probably. :)


  1. It looks great! I really love those Hot Wheels pictures you took...so professional-looking. :-)

  2. Wow Robyn, it looks so awesome, just like what a boy's room ought to look like. Both of my kids loved moving into their "big kid" beds and rooms. It's such a fun time to see them grow. :)


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