17 April 2012

Discipline Lessons

As a mom I have amazing days or moments when I see that Aiden seems to be retaining what I am teaching him. When he obeys the first time or does something on his own like putting a toy away in the right spot. And that is so very exciting to see!! But then there are also the moments where I am telling him the same thing over and over, and I feel like nothing is sinking in to that little head. That can become very frustrating to me and it's easy for me to burst out my discipline out of frustration or annoyance. Thinking to myself "Why do I have to tell him no again?" "Why can't he just get it?" It is very ineffective, and I just am left annoyed. But, I am learning that when I take the time to go where he is, get on his level and talk to him in a calm but firm voice I am in a much better place to discipline. It's no longer about the inconvenience of discipline and more about teaching Aiden and helping him grow. It's not always easy, but I think it will help both Aiden and myself!


  1. I really like that yellow play box in the background. Is that where you keep all his toys?

    1. Haha. Of course, what else would it be. :)


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