02 August 2011

We are fam-i-ly....

I was thinking the other day about the family that I grew up in. Jocelyn said something to me that spurred these thoughts; how cool is it that I have known my two younger sisters from the day they were born and my older sister the same for me.

As I think over the past 24 (almost 25) years of my life, my childhood and all the different ups, downs and just normal that we have experienced together it's awesome. My mom and sisters have been in my life since day 1. They watched me through my grade school years, my ugly duckling stage, my mean phases and yet they still love me! I know that my sisters and I have said some terrible things to each other in our growing up days and yet I am so thankful that we haven't stayed there, we've moved on and we all love each other!

The reverse is also true for me that it's been amazing to watch my sisters grow in their walks with God and into the women that they are. As I look back to our younger days we definitely have some of the same tendencies & personalities, but we are not the same people. It's funny because everyone told us while we were growing up that our sisters would be our closest friends, but it's hard to see that when all you want to do is destroy your little sisters' Barbie playtime. haha. But, it couldn't be more true! I'm glad it didn't take us too long to realize it, I was in high school when I began to realize that these girls are who I want to be close with! I miss every one of them to pieces and love the times that we get to be together, even though in my opinion they are way too few.

I am also SO thankful for my mom and how she has poured into and loved me my entire life. I feel like we have such a good relationship and we have shared many meaningful and fun memories together! I have learned so much from her and she is always, always, always there for me!

All these thoughts lead me to two conclusions:

1. I am deeply thankful to God for the family He put me in. I love them all and I want to keep deepening the relationships for the rest of my life. I want us to be 80 years old living close and playing dominoes or something together. haha.

2. I want my own family to be a place where good relationships can grow. Where the love of Christ shines through us and we are best friends and allies in this life!

And I just had to put up a bunch of pictures! :-)


  1. Robyn, wow look how often we share clothes. And we're both wearing the green ones. bahahaha. what are sisters for?!?! :)

  2. love this Rob!... it's so true. I'm glad that no matter how many friends come and go in my life that I'll always have you guys :) I can totally relate to my sistas putting up with me lol. LOVE YOU!!!


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